There has been false information about American Callers Assoc.

It has be brought to our attention that some misinformation has been said about the ability for American Callers Association to license Country-Western Line Dancing and Square Dancing instructors. This is completely false. American Callers Association has been the leading licensing agent for the past 28 years. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide license for ASCAP and BMI including liability insurance at an affordable price for all the above uses.

If you have any further questions about our agency please do not hesitate to call our office at 256-383-7585.

10 thoughts on “There has been false information about American Callers Assoc.

  1. Charles Dicks says:

    I have been receiving phone calls and/or emails for the last six months by someone claiming they represent ASCAP, stating that my American Caller Association membership does not give me license with ASCAP or BMI.They claim ACA only covers “Callers”, not dance teachers. I have been assured by ACA that they are wrong. But, the phone calls and/or emails keep coming. I would hope that you will handle this directly with ASCAP. Just telling me that they’re wrong does not stop the harassment. I need some written conformation from ASCAP that they are mistaken.


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